How to Make Chocolate Covered Oreos?

Making chocolate-covered Oreos is an easy and fun activity that doesn’t take too much time. To begin, melt semi-sweet or milk chocolate in a double boiler or microwave until smooth. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place 12 of the Oreo cookies on it.

Dip each cookie into the melted chocolate, ensuring that it’s fully coated on both sides. Use two forks to help lift out each cookie from the melted chocolate before transferring them back onto the baking sheet. Sprinkle any desired toppings (such as chopped nuts, sprinkles, etc.) over top of each cookie then transfer your baking sheet to the refrigerator for about 10 minutes so that they can set properly.

  • Gather Ingredients: You will need Oreos, chocolate chips or melting chocolates, wax paper, and optional toppings such as sprinkles, chopped nuts, or crushed candy canes
  • Melt Chocolate: Place the chocolate chips in a heat-safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds at a time until melted
  • Stir after each interval until a smooth consistency is achieved
  • Alternatively, you can use a double boiler to melt the chocolate over low heat on the stovetop if preferred
  • Dip Oreos: Carefully dip an Oreo cookie into the melted chocolate using a fork or spoon and tap off any excess before transferring it onto your prepared wax paper-lined baking sheet
  • Top with the desired topping before moving on to the next cookie
  • 4 Allow to Set: Place the tray of cookies into the refrigerator for 10 minutes to allow the chocolate coating to harden completely before serving or storing in an airtight container for up to 3 days at room temperature

Super EASY Chocolate covered Oreos

How to Make Chocolate Covered Oreos Without a Mold?

Making chocolate-covered Oreos without mold is surprisingly easy and requires minimal ingredients. All you need are some Oreo cookies, your favorite type of melting chocolate, and something to spread the melted chocolate over the surface of each cookie. Start by lining a baking tray with parchment paper or waxed paper.

Then melt your choice of melting chocolate in a double boiler on low heat until it reaches a liquid state. Dip each Oreo into the melted chocolate until evenly coated then remove from the heat source and place them onto your lined baking tray. If desired you can add decorations such as sprinkles or crushed nuts before allowing them to cool completely for about 30 minutes at room temperature or 10 minutes in the fridge before enjoying.

How Long Will Chocolate Covered Oreos Last?

Chocolate-covered Oreos are a delicious and popular treat that can last for quite some time. The shelf life of these treats depends on several factors, including how they were stored before you opened them and the type of chocolate used to cover them. Generally speaking, if they are kept in an airtight container at room temperature or below, chocolate-covered Oreos will stay fresh for up to two weeks.

However, if you store them in a fridge or freezer then they can last even longer – up to three months! Additionally, dark chocolates with higher cocoa content tend to have a longer shelf life than white chocolates due to their lower sugar content which makes it more difficult for bacteria and other contaminants to survive. So be sure to take into account all of these variables when deciding how long your chocolate-covered Oreos should remain edible.

How Do You Use Chocolate Covered Oreo Molds?

Using chocolate-covered Oreo molds is a great way to make beautiful and delicious treats. First, you’ll need to melt some chocolate chips or candy melts in the microwave or on the stovetop. Once melted, pour the chocolate into your molds until filled up about halfway.

Place an Oreo cookie inside each mold. Then top off with more melted chocolate until completely full and evenly distributed. Tap on the counter lightly to remove any air bubbles and let stand for 10 minutes before transferring to the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes or until firm enough to pop out of the mold easily.

Your finished product should be a tasty treat that looks like it took much longer than it actually did.

Do You Put Chocolate Covered Oreos in the Fridge Or Freezer?

When it comes to storing chocolate-covered Oreos, you may be wondering if the refrigerator or freezer is the best option. The answer will depend on how long you plan to keep them and how soft/hard you like your cookies. Generally speaking, refrigerating is a good idea if you intend to eat them within one week as this will keep them fresher for longer.

However, if they are going to sit around for more than a week then freezing them can help extend their shelf life up to six months! When freezing your Oreos make sure that they are tightly sealed in an airtight container so that no moisture gets in or out which could affect the taste of your cookie. As for thawing out frozen Oreos, simply leave them at room temperature until soft before eating – don’t microwave as this can cause the chocolate coating to melt off.

How to Make Chocolate Covered Oreos?


How to Make Chocolate Covered Oreos With Mold

Making chocolate-covered Oreos with a mold is an easy and fun way to enjoy the classic snack. To start, place your mold onto a baking sheet or tray lined with parchment paper. Place one Oreo cookie into each cavity of the mold, then pour melted chocolate over them.

Make sure you fill-up the cavities completely so that your finished products have even layers of chocolate when they are done cooling. Allow the cookies to cool and set them in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before removing them from the molds carefully using a butter knife or other tool if needed.

How to Make Chocolate Covered Oreos on a Stick?

Making chocolate-covered Oreos on a stick is an easy and fun way to add a special twist to the classic treat. To make these yummy creations, start by melting some high-quality chocolate in the microwave or over a double boiler, then dip each cookie into the melted chocolate until it’s fully coated. Once all of your cookies have been dipped, insert a popsicle stick into the flat side of each one before transferring them to parchment paper or wax paper and allowing them to cool completely.

After they’re cooled, you can drizzle additional melted chocolate over top for extra flair.

How to Decorate Chocolate Covered Oreos?

Decorating chocolate-covered Oreos is a fun and easy way to make your favorite cookie look even more delicious! Start by melting some high-quality chocolate chips in the microwave. Once melted, dip each Oreo into the chocolate until it’s fully covered.

Place on parchment paper lined baking sheet and let cool completely. Once cooled, you can decorate with sprinkles, crushed nuts, or mini candies before the chocolate hardens completely. Enjoy your homemade decorated chocolates.

How to Make Chocolate Covered Oreos for Baby Shower?

Making chocolate-covered Oreos for a baby shower is an easy and fun way to add a special touch of sweetness.

Chocolate-covered Oreos are a great choice. Follow these simple steps:


  • Oreo cookies
  • Chocolate chips or candy melts (in any color you prefer)
  • Sprinkles or other decorations (optional)


  1. Melt your chocolate chips or candy melts in a microwave-safe bowl, stirring every 15 seconds until fully melted.
  2. Dip each Oreo cookie into the melted chocolate using a fork, and remove any excess chocolate by tapping it gently.
  3. Place the chocolate-covered Oreos on a sheet of wax paper.
  4. If you like, add sprinkles or other decorations to the chocolate while it is still wet.
  5. Allow the Oreos to sit for about 15-20 minutes until the chocolate has hardened.
  6. Serve and enjoy.

For an extra-special touch, you can use pink or blue candy melts for a gender reveal party or decorate the Oreos with baby footprints or other adorable designs.

Half Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Half Chocolate Dipped Oreos are a delicious combination of chocolate and cookies. The classic Oreo cookie is coated in creamy milk chocolate on one side, leaving the other side to be enjoyed as-is for a tasty snack. They make for an indulgent treat that’s perfect for sharing or simply enjoying alone.

Fudge Covered Oreos

Fudge Covered Oreos are a delicious treat that combines two favorite desserts into one. They feature the classic chocolate cookie flavor of an Oreo, covered in a thick layer of creamy fudge for an indulgent sweetness. The combination of chocolate and fudge creates a unique texture that’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Fudge Covered Oreos make a great addition to any dessert platter or snack plate, making them perfect for parties and get-togethers.

White Chocolate Covered Oreos

White Chocolate Covered Oreos are a delicious treat that makes the perfect snack or dessert. They are made by dipping regular Oreo cookies in white chocolate, creating an indulgent and decadent combination of crunchy cookies with rich and creamy white chocolate. These treats can be enjoyed on their own or used as part of a larger recipe such as cakes, trifles, and cupcakes.


Making chocolate-covered Oreos is an easy and fun activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. With a few simple ingredients, you’ve created a delicious treat that your family will love. Whether you choose to dip them in white chocolate, dark chocolate, or colored candy melts, these scrumptious treats are sure to be the highlight of any gathering.

So go ahead and make some today – who knows how much fun you’ll have!

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