30g To Tablespoons

30g To Tablespoons

“30g to Tablespoons” is a conversion reference used to translate the mass of 30 grams into a volume measurement of tablespoons. This conversion is often necessary when working with recipes that require precise measurements of both mass and volume. By understanding how to convert between these units, individuals can accurately measure and prepare ingredients, ensuring the success of their culinary endeavors. In this article, we will explore the conversion factor between 30 grams and tablespoons, as well as discuss the potential variability in this conversion based on the density of the substance being measured.

How Much Is 30 Grams?

The weight of 30 grams can fluctuate based on the properties of the substance being measured, such as its density and how it is packed into a measuring spoon or cup. Generally, 30 grams is equivalent to 1.058 ounces or 0.066 pounds.

How Much Is 30 Grams In Tablespoons? (30 Grams To Tbsp)

Grams and tablespoons are different units of measurement used to quantify mass and volume, respectively. One gram measures mass, whereas one tablespoon measures volume. The conversion rate between the two units is approximately 2 tablespoons for 30 grams. However, the precise conversion factor may differ slightly depending on the density of the substance being measured.

Tablespoon sizes can differ depending on the country. Below are some common tablespoon sizes used in various countries:

In the United States, a tablespoon measures 14.8 mL, which is approximately 0.5 fluid ounces.

In Canada and the United Kingdom, a tablespoon is equivalent to 15 mL or roughly 0.51 fluid ounces.

In Australia, a tablespoon measures 20 mL or about 0.68 fluid ounces.

In New Zealand, a tablespoon is 15 mL or around 0.51 fluid ounces.

In Europe, the size of a tablespoon can vary depending on the country. While some countries use a tablespoon equivalent to 15 mL, others may use a slightly larger or smaller measurement.


There are differences in the volume between the imperial tablespoon and the metric tablespoon.

The imperial tablespoon, which is commonly used in the United Kingdom, measures 17.7 milliliters (ml) or approximately 0.95 fluid ounces.

The metric tablespoon, used in many countries including Australia, Canada, and the United States, measures 15 milliliters (ml) or approximately 0.51 fluid ounces.

It is important to note that the exact measurements of these tablespoons may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer or the specific region in which they are used. In cooking and baking, using a standardized measuring tool is recommended to ensure accuracy and consistency.

30 Grams Flour To Tablespoons

While the approximate conversion of 30 grams of flour to tablespoons is 3 tablespoons, it’s important to note that the actual measurement may vary due to the density of the flour. It’s recommended to use a kitchen scale to weigh ingredients accurately, as volumetric measurements like tablespoons can be influenced by factors like the compaction of the flour.

The conversion can be varied with different types of flour. Some of them are shown below

Types of FlourConversion of 30g to Tablespoon
All-purpose flour3.8
Almond flour5
Cake flour4.8
00 flour3.8
Bread flour3.8
Chestnut flour5.3
Buckwheat flour4
Coconut flour4.3
Gluten-free flour3.9
Self-rising flour3.8
Pastry flour4.4
Semolina flour2.9
Rye flour4.7
Tapioca flour3.9
Whole wheat flour3.7
Barley flour2.5
Strong flour2.5
High-protein flour2.5
white whole wheat flour2.25

30 Grams Sugar To Tablespoons

To convert 30 grams of sugar to tablespoons, you can use the fact that one tablespoon of granulated sugar weighs about 12.5 grams. By dividing the weight of the sugar in grams by the weight of one tablespoon in grams, you can find the equivalent amount of sugar in tablespoons.

So, to convert 30 grams of sugar to tablespoons:

30 grams ÷ 12.5 grams per tablespoon = 2.4 tablespoons

Therefore, approximately 2.4 tablespoons of sugar are equivalent to 30 grams. It’s important to keep in mind that the exact number of tablespoons may vary slightly based on factors such as the density of the sugar and how firmly it is packed into the measuring spoon.

The conversion can be varied with different types of sugar. Some of them are shown below

Types of SugarConversion of 30g to Tablespoon
Icing Sugar3.8
Brown Sugar2.4
Confectioner’s  Sugar3.8
Caster Sugar2.1
Granulated Sugar2.4
Demerara sugar2.14
Cane sugar2.4
Muscovado sugar2
Powdered Sugar3.8


The following table will answer “How many tablespoons is 30 grams of golden syrup”? 

Types of SweetenersConversion of 30g to Tablespoon
Golden Syrup 1.4
Treacle Syrup1.5
Maple Syrup1.5
Light Corn Syrup1.5
Coconut Sugar2


Different types of oil, butter, and ghee have different conversion rates to tablespoons. 

How many tablespoons is 30 grams of butter?

How many tablespoons is 30 grams of lard? 

The following table will answer the questions

Types of Fats/OilsConversion of 30g to Tablespoon
Grapeseed oil2.2
Coconut Oil2.2
Sunflower Oil2.2
Peanut Oil2.2
Virgin Olive Oil 2.2
Vegetable Oil2.1
Peanut, Butter, and Creamy2
Mustard Oil2.14
Soybean Oil2.25
Palm Oil2.14
Canola Oil2
Vegetable shortening2.5


How many tablespoons of water are 30 grams? Or How many tablespoons is 30 grams of water? These questions will find the answer in the table below

Types of liquidsConversion of 30g to Tablespoon
Whipping Cream2
Heavy cream2
Condensed Oil1.6
Whole Milk2

Seeds & Nuts

How many tablespoons is 30 grams of chia seeds? Here is the demanded answer

Types of Seeds & NutsConversion of 30g to Tablespoon
Hazelnut meal4.2
Poppy seeds3.4
Shredded coconut5.2
Walnuts chopped4.1
Whole Flax seeds3.2
Pecans chopped4.4
Chia seeds2.9
Cashew nuts3.2
Brazil nuts.3.7

Other Ingredients

How many tablespoons are 30 grams of powdered milk? How much is 30 grams of instant yeast? Or How many tablespoons is 30 g of fresh yeast? How many tablespoons is 30 g of salt? The answers are following

Types of IngredientsConversion of 30g to Tablespoon
Instant yeast3.5
Active dry yeast3.5
Fresh Yeast3.2
Table salt1.8
Pink salt1.8
Vanilla extract2.3
Dried Bread Crumbs14.4
Cocoa powder4.1
Cream cheese2.1
Powdered milk3.8
Ground coffee3.8
Powered gelatin3.5
Grated parmesan cheese6
Rolled oats5.3
Chocolate chips3
Cream of tartar3
Baking powder2.2
Baking soda2.2

How To Convert 30 Grams To Other Units

Different UnitConversion of 30 units to Tablespoon


To summarize, converting 30 grams to tablespoons is not a straightforward process as it depends on the substance being measured. The reason for this is that different substances have varying densities and therefore require different conversion factors. However, it is generally accepted that 30 grams are roughly equal to 2 tablespoons when measuring dry ingredients like sugar, salt, and flour. On the other hand, when measuring liquid ingredients like water, 30 grams is equivalent to about 2.03 tablespoons. To ensure accuracy in any recipe or application, it is crucial to double-check the specific conversion factor for the substance being measured and use precise measuring tools.

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