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Why are French Fries Called French Fries?

French Fries are a classic side dish found in many cuisines around the world, but they have become a distinctly American favorite. The origin of the name “French Fries” is unclear, but there are several theories as to why it was coined this way. One theory suggests that French Fries were named after the country of France since potatoes are grown and eaten there extensively.

Another popular theory is that French Fries were invented by American soldiers stationed in Belgium during World War I who called them “french” because Belgian-style fried potatoes were commonly served with meals at local restaurants throughout the region (which had been occupied by French forces for centuries). Regardless of where their name originated from, these delicious golden strips remain an all-time favorite side dish around the world.

French Fries, a beloved classic side dish, have been around since the late 19th century and have an interesting history. The name “French” in French Fries is believed to be derived from a popular cooking method of the time – slicing potatoes into thin strips and then frying them. This technique was originally credited to chefs in France, which is why we now refer to these delicious fried potato slices as French Fries.

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How Did French Fries Get Its Name?

French fries, one of the most beloved snacks in the world, have a surprisingly interesting history. The origin of these delicious fried potatoes reaches back to Belgium in the late 1700s. Though there are many stories about where and how French fries got their name, it is generally accepted that they were first called “frites” or “pommes frites” by Belgians who popularized them as street food.

However, when American soldiers stationed in Belgium during World War I tasted this scrumptious snack for themselves, they started referring to them as “French fries” because of the French-speaking Belgian citizens who served them. This new name caught on over time and became an international favorite that we all know today!

Are French Fries Called French Fries in France?

It is a common misconception that French fries are called “French fries” in France. The truth is, the dish known as “French” fries in the United States and Canada were actually invented in Belgium, not France! In fact, they are usually referred to as “pommes frites” or “frites” (fried potatoes) by people living in France.

This can be confusing for some because Belgians also call them pommes frites, but it should be noted that the two dishes have distinct differences; Belgian-style fries tend to be thicker and often double-fried for extra crunchiness. Similarly, traditional French cuisine does include fried potato dishes such as pommes de terre persillades or allumettes de pomme de terre which bear more of a resemblance to what we know of today as french fried potatoes than do their Belgian counterparts. It seems no matter where you go though – whether it’s America, Europe or anywhere else – everyone loves a good fry!

Why are French Fries Called French Fries?


Why are French Fries Called Chips

French fries, sometimes referred to as chips in the United Kingdom, were given their name because of how they are prepared. The French term for slicing food into thin strips is “frites” or “frying” which is how these potatoes are cut before being fried and served. In the UK and other areas of Europe, potato slices that have been deep-fried are called chips rather than French Fries.

Who Invented French Fries Wikipedia

Belgian-born chef George Crum is widely credited with inventing the French fry in 1853. The story goes that while working as a chef at Moon’s Lake House, a resort near Saratoga Springs, New York, he was asked by a customer to make some potatoes that were too thin to be fried. Instead of throwing them away, he decided to try something new and cut the potatoes into thin strips and deep-fried them in hot oil.

They became an instant hit and have been known as French fries ever since!

French Fries Origin Country

French fries are believed to have originated in Belgium during the late 1700s. The dish is said to have been created by villagers who were trying to find a way to make use of small, fried fish they had caught from the River Meuse. After frying potatoes instead of fish, these tasty treats quickly began gaining popularity across Europe and eventually made their way around the world.

When Did French Fries Come to America

French fries first made their way to America in the late 1700s when Thomas Jefferson served a potato dish called “potatoes served in the French manner” at a state dinner in 1802. The dish quickly caught on and soon became one of the most popular side dishes throughout America. Today, French fries can be found everywhere from fast food restaurants to gourmet eateries!

Facts About French Fries History

French fries have a long and interesting history. They are believed to have originated in Belgium, where locals would fry small fish as early as the 17th century. Later on, during World War I, American soldiers discovered French fried potatoes while they were stationed in Belgium and brought them back to the US.

Today, French fries are enjoyed around the world and have become one of America’s favorite comfort foods!

French Fries Names

Have you ever wondered why we call French fries “French”? Despite their name, they are actually an American invention. The term dates back to the early 1900s when people immigrated from Belgium and began selling fried potatoes along the Eastern Seaboard.

Since these immigrants were from France’s neighboring country, Belgium, Americans started calling them “French” fries as a kind of nickname or shorthand for Belgian-style fried potatoes.

Thomas Jefferson French Fries

Thomas Jefferson French Fries is a popular dish that originated from the White House. The recipe was created by Thomas Jefferson’s personal chef during his presidency in 1802. The fries were originally made with potatoes cut into thin strips and fried in beef fat, similar to today’s version of French fries.

Today, Thomas Jefferson French Fries are typically served as an accompaniment to hamburgers, sandwiches or other dishes. They can be found in many restaurants around the country and have become a staple on American menus since their invention over 200 years ago!

French Fries Recipe

This easy French Fries recipe produces deliciously crunchy and golden-brown fries with a light and fluffy inside. All you need is potatoes, vegetable oil, salt and pepper to make this classic side dish that pairs perfectly with burgers, sandwiches or any other meal. For the best results, cut your potatoes into even strips before frying them in hot oil until they are crispy on the outside.

Once cooked, season to taste with salt and pepper for savory homemade fries every time!


In conclusion, French fries were given their name for two reasons. First, the original version of these potatoes was thought to have been invented by the Belgians, and then popularized by American soldiers in France during World War I. Secondly, the term “French” is a linguistic shorthand used to describe food that is cut into strips before being cooked. Whatever its origin story may be, it’s clear that French fries are here to stay as one of America’s favorite fast-food staples!

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