Is The Black Stuff in Lobster Edible?

Lobster is a well-known shellfish and is popular for its meat and vivid color. The name lobster comes from the word “locust”, because of their similar shapes.

The black stuff in lobster is called “tomalley,” (tom-AL-lee). The black stuff of lobster has enzymes that help break down food and absorb nutrients. 

What are the parts of a lobster?

A lobster has 3 main parts: The head, the thorax, and the abdomen.

The head contains the mouth, which has two pairs of feelers called antennules that are used to smell chemicals in the water. There is also a pair of stalked eyes on either side of its head. On each side of its head, behind one eye,there are  “Sensory Pouches,” which contain glands that give off signals to other lobsters in the area when food is found.

The thorax contains the stomach, liver, small intestine, and large intestine. There are also two pairs of white calcified structures that are used for muscle attachment.

The abdomen contains the heart, which pumps blue blood to all parts of the body through the open circulatory system.

The black stuff in lobster is made up of mostly stomach tissue and excretory organs, including the hepatopancreas (liver), digestive glands (gastric mill or gills), and rectum.

Black stuff inside a lobster

The black stuff in lobster is the lobster’s liver and pancreas, which produce a greenish-black compound that protects it from predators. 

The black stuff inside a lobster is its roe or egg sacs. They are very nutritious but have an extremely fishy taste.  Sometimes they are called “fish eggs” because of their resemblance to chicken eggs. 

Black stuff in lobster head

It’s called roe and it tastes like scrambled eggs.

The dark outside shell of roe is a protein called sclerotin. It is simply the protein that forms the outer shell of lobsters and other crustaceans. 

Some prefer to have their roe lightly cooked because it preserves more flavor and nutrients than fully cooking.

Lobster roe is also used in many other seafood dishes, it can be pickled, smoked or fermented to preserve its flavor throughout the year.

Lobster Roe tastes best when it is fresh and raw.

What is the black stuff found in the lobster stomach that is grainy?

It is pearly parasite eggs. 

It’s a parasite called the red crab. Those are the eggs from those parasites which you eat with lobster, if not washed properly it can cause food poisoning due to parasites.parasites infect nearly every type of creature on earth, including humans. 

What is the black stuff in the lobster tail?

The black stuff in the lobster tail is the roe.

Yes, it’s edible…but not everyone likes it because of it’s “fishy” taste.

It tastes delicious when dipped in melted butter! 

Black stuff in cooked lobster

Black stuff in cooked lobster is black stuff that forms on the meat of lobsters. It’s not harmful, but it can be unappetizing. The black stuff is caused by overcooking or overcooking at too high a heat. 

Health benefit of black stuff

The black material is a mixture of unsaturated fatty acids and its structure varies depending on the species.  It has a lot of health benefits too, such as being high in Omega 3, etc.

Roe (egg sacs) contain several ingredients; protein, vitamins ,minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. In most cases, the black material does not present a health hazard to humans. 

The black stuff is typically harmless; it appears to be most concentrated in the liver. The black stuff does not affect the flavor of lobsters, but it may alter the lobster’s lustrous color.

It’s also rich in iodine, calcium, protein, and fat – which is why lobsters really like it!


Q: What does it mean if the inside of a lobster is black?

A: When the lobster is alive, it’s blue. But there are other pigments in there too, like yellow, white, and brown. The black stuff is called the tomalley, and it’s totally edible. It’s actually the liver, which is edible in most animals. 

Q: What part of the lobster is not edible?

A: Most of the lobster is edible except for their shell, eggs, and gills. Most of the intestinal tract is also not edible. The only non-edible part of a lobster is the shell, which is tough and inedible. 

Q: What does the Bible say about eating lobster?

A: The Bible says nothing about eating lobster. There are many different types of lobster, but all are seafood that the Bible has no specific commands or prohibitions against.

Q: Is the black stuff in lobster harmful?

A: No, it is not harmful to human health. The black spots are just part of the anatomy of lobsters. They have many small bones joined together that form a hard shell on their back, called a carapace or exoskeleton. 

Q: Are black or dark spots on cooked lobster meat okay to eat? 

 A: Yes, that is perfectly fine. They are not harmful and can be eaten by people with allergies to shellfish. Black spots are caused by a harmless chemical reaction when heat is applied to the lobster’s shell.

Q: How do you eat tomalley?

A: Tomalley is the soft yellow-green substance found in lobsters. It’s usually referred to as “lobster butter. Typically, tomalley is spread over bread or rolls and then eaten with lobster. The taste has been described as rich, buttery, and slightly sweet.


Lobster tomalley is rich in vitamins A and C as well as iron. In addition, lobster tomalley contains omega-3 fatty acids that are great for your heart health. 

So don’t worry about trying to get rid of the black stuff – go ahead and eat it up!

So the straight answer to the question of Is the black stuff in lobster edible? is YES.

Although lobster is generally considered to be a tasty treat, be aware that consuming foods made from animals found in contaminated waters may lead to intestinal problems.

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